Mitchell Brudno DMD, LLC

Mitchell Brudno DMD, LLC

Patient Testimonials

I have been a patient of Dr Brudno for a very long time. Dr Brudno recently worked on me for more than 2 years. He crowned every single tooth in my head. I never experienced any pain. The care and expertise that Dr Brudno offers cannot be beat. And his prices are lower than any other dental office in the area. Thank you Dr. Brudno!!!

Joe B

Dr Brudno has been a great help to me. I had a locking jaw and he was able to make a bite plate that fixed the problem. We did a crown on a bad molar and all is good again. Would highly recommend to everyone.


Friendly staff and excellent dentist. Short waiting times. Highly Recommended.


I have been seeing Dr. Brudno for some time now. He always takes the time to explain everything to me. After some fillings and a crown, my mouth feels great. He also accepts my insurance. Highly recommend! Thank you